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Get your drink on!  Whiskey Stones add to the mystique of well-aged whiskey or any other fine spirit that you prefer.  Whiskey Stones or whiskey rocks as they are commonly called are perfect for parties or just for a quiet evening when you want to chill at home with your friends or family.  A great gift for anyone who loves a fine whiskey or other high quality spirit such as bourbon or scotch.  Just chill and store the Whiskey Stones in your freezer until it is time to make yourself a drink.

Which Whiskey Stones should you buy?

You will want to compare the popular Teroforma Whisky Stones to other brands such as Sparq, Sipping Stones and DB-Tech.  They are all sold in a sets of 9 complete with a storage bag to store them in.  All are packaged for gift wrapping.  Teroforma has been making soapstone products in America from a soapstone mill in the northeast.  They do cost a little more than the other brands, but their quality is good.  All whiskey stones are completely reusable and made of soapstone.

Teroforma Sells a Whisky Lover’s Set – Click Here to Learn More About It.

Only Teroforma offers a gift set such as this.  This is a beautiful set that would be a perfect gift for a wedding, a special anniversary, and any other very special occasion.  Click Here to Get Free Shipping on the Teroforma Whisky Stones at Amazon!

The Sipping Stones – Set of 9 Grey Whisky Rocks  are whiskey stones also made of 100% soapstone from one of the oldest soapstone workshops in America just like Teroforma.   These Sipping Stones Whiskey stones are approximately 1″ in size and are perfect for those who enjoy a good whiskey, scotch or bourbon.

Sipping Stones – Set of 9 Grey Whisky Rocks comes with a nice black bag to store the whiskey rocks in; whereas, Teroforma provides a muslin bag. This set is priced less than all other whiskey stone sets, so you can buy more than one for Christmas gifts.  They make the perfect gift for coworkers, wedding parties or anyone who is hard to buy for. Click Here to Get FREE Shipping on these Sipping Stones – Set of 9 Grey Whisky Rocks with Amazon Prime.

Another new brand of whiskey rocks includes the DB-Tech Whisky Stones – Set of 9 Beautifully Handcrafted Soapstone Whisky Rocks that also comes with a nice black bag to store them in.  These chillin’ whisky rocks are very reasonable, so you should buy more than one set for the next party you have.  Or buy them for the groomsmen at your wedding.  Or buy a set for all your best buddies who love to get together, hang out and drink the best whiskey or bourbon money can buy.  These soapstone whiskey stones are made with the same quality as the other soapstone brands reviewed here.

Another whiskey stone to review is one made of another substance other than soapstone.  The Sea Stones On The Rocks, Granite Chillers with 2 Free 10-Ounce Tumblers are cut from granite stone instead of the soapstone used in the other brands of whiskey rocks.  This set is a great deal in that it comes with 6 large granite stone discs, a wooden serving tray and 2 glasses.  All you need is one chilled disc in the bottom of your old-fashioned tumbler to chill your favorite spirit to the perfect sipping temperature.  Just an err of caution, sip and not drink or your front teeth may take a hit!  Click Here to Get Free Shipping on the Sea Stones On The Rocks, Granite Chillers with 2 Free 10-Ounce Tumblers at Amazon.

So before you buy, take a good look at all these excellent brands of whiskey stones.  I trust you will be happy with your choice.

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